The AMS RESEARCH INCENTIVE AWARD Program is designed to help promote and recognize good quality research undertaken by AMS members. Such scientific contributions help increase and disseminate knowledge of musculoskeletal diseases and improve the quality of musculoskeletal imaging practice across the AMS region.

The following stipulations will apply.

(1) The RESEARCH INCENTIVE AWARD will be given to an AMS member who wrote the original English paper in the primary field of MSK imaging as a first author, which was published in a journal with a Thompson Reuters current IF of > 2.5.

(2) A maximum of 10 awards per year will be granted with one award per year per individual. The awards will be granted on a first-come-first served basis.

(3) The AMS RESEARCH INCENTIVE AWARD is US$100 plus a certificate of appreciation from the AMS

(4) Application process. The AMS member should apply to the Research & Grants Committee Chairman via email when the relevant paper is accepted or within three months of the acceptance date.

(5) The AMS President will be the final arbiter as to whether the AMS RESEARCH INCENTIVE AWARD is awarded following discussion with the EXCO committee.

(6) The award and certificate will be provided by the AMS Treasurer in a timely manner as soon as the adjudication process is complete.

(7) The awards will be available as from 1st Jan 2022 onwards.

(8) The title and link to the awardees paper citation will be listed on the AMS website, starting from 2022, along will the titles of all papers published by AMS members. Papers from previous years will not be listed.

November 10th, 2021