Aim: Encouraging AMS members to undertake and facilitate research into musculoskeletal imaging in the Asian region.  


Activities of the Research & Grants Committee may involve the following:

1.    Building liaisons with companies and other supporting bodies with a view to promoting research and obtaining funding for grants or sponsoring research prizes within the AMS.

2.    Considering ways to promote collaborative research in different Asian locations ie. inter-institutional research with other AMS members.

3.    Representing the AMS in areas related to research with other international or national musculoskeletal societies.

4.    Facilitating industry-based research in the Asian region.

5.    Helping AMS members to find mentors (rather than supervisors) for PhD or MPhil programs.

6.    Encouraging members to submit posters and scientific papers to the Annual Scientific Meeting and applying for the “AMS Best Paper Award”


In line with other AMS committees:

º  The Research & Grants Committee will comprise 4-5 members with no more than two members from any single country.

º  The Chairman of the Committee will be responsible for overseeing the work of the Committee as well as inviting members to join the Committee.

º  The Committee will report to the AMS Executive Committee each year for the work of the Research & Grants Committee and to obtain approval, when necessary, to proceed with planned agendas.

º  Chairmanship of the Research & Grants Committee will be for two years.