• Thank You Riyadh!

    Thank You Riyadh!

    Our AMS 2024 Annual Meeting in conjunction with the ISS Regional Outreach Program (Gulf Region) and the Arabian Gulf Society of Skeletal Radiology (AGSSR) meeting has successfully concluded.

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    Streamlined online application and payment process, now all done through the AMS website. Various new and upcoming additional benefits.

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  • New AMS Website

    New AMS Website

    Welcome to our brand-new website service as the main portal for all AMS members across Asia and beyond! Now with a modern look, enhanced contents and new functionalities!

Welcome to the Asian Musculoskeletal Society

The AMS is a society that brings together radiologists and other specialists interested in musculoskeletal imaging from the Middle East to the Far East.

Collaboration and Networking
Collaboration and NetworkingCollaboration and Networking

AMS enables musculoskeletal radiology collaboration. We link radiologists, clinicians, researchers, industry for partnerships, expertise sharing, addressing challenges, fostering growth.

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Collaboration and Networking
Continuing Medical EducationContinuing Medical Education

Promoting lifelong learning in healthcare. Conferences, workshops, and online resources empower members for skill enhancement and knowledge growth in musculoskeletal radiology.

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Collaboration and Networking
Research and InnovationResearch and Innovation

AMS backs innovative musculoskeletal radiology research via grants, awards, and collaboration. We foster presentation, knowledge exchange, and impactful projects for field advancement.

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Unlock a world of advantages. Enjoy exclusive resources, networking, discounts, and opportunities, fostering growth in musculoskeletal radiology with an AMS membership.

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Diverse Radiology Collaboration.Diverse Radiology Collaboration.
AMS embraces varied musculoskeletal radiology enthusiasts - healthcare pros, researchers, educators, industry allies - promoting interdisciplinary collaboration for field enrichment.
AMS Membership BenefitsAMS Membership Benefits
Join AMS for resources, networking, growth. Benefits: discounts, online access, grants. Shape Asian musculoskeletal radiology's future through contribution.
Radiology Research Advancement.Radiology Research Advancement.
AMS offers resources, networking, benefits for professional growth, advancing Asian musculoskeletal radiology. Discounts, grants, shaping future through contribution.
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Experience professional growth and stay at the forefront of radiology advancements by becoming a valued member of our society. Elevate your career with access to exclusive resources, networking opportunities, and continuous learning. Join us today and embark on a journey towards excellence in the field of radiology.

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AMS 2025 - Singapore

Our Annual Meeting is the main event in the AMS calendar, bringing together...

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